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Dharma Light Meditation Center

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Discover peace and happiness with Dharma Light Mediation Center
The Dharma Light Meditation Center was founded in January 2017. The Center offers a place to come back to oneself, to dwell in peace and discover one's inner silence and wisdom. Under the guidance of the monastic Sangha we are invited to strengthen our awareness and to develop wisdom, love and compassion. Our practice shall lead us to our own awakening so that we can live fully in the reality which is available in the present moment.

About our master

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​Thay Phap Nhat

Thay Phap Nhat is a buddhist monk and Zen-master. He was born and grew up in Vietnam. He began meditating when he was twelve years old, looking for answers to his urgent questions about the purpose and the meaning of birth and death. Today he has found these answers for himself. He is currently living in the Dharma Light Meditations Center, which was founded by him. He teaches his numerous students in the meditation center as well as on world-wide teaching tours.

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Meet our nuns

With years of experience in practice with our master, our nuns support the pracititioners in the community with their valuable insights.

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Sister Tinh Hanh

Sr. Tinh Hanh was born in the year 1991 in Hamburg. In the year 2011 she travelled to the meditation center Plum Village in France for the first time in order to learn the art of mindful living. Since that time she is fascinated by the joy arising through meditation. In the year 2017 she decided to live a monastic life herself and she has been living in the Dharma Light meditation center since then. In January 2019 she ordained as a novice with Thay Phap Nhat as her master.

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Sister Tinh Vien

Sister Tinh Vien was ordained with Thay Phap Nhat in June 2023. Before ordaining, she worked for many years in the social and community sector. Sister Tinh Vien has always aimed to transmit the energies of stability, peace, and fearlessness to everyone, especially to the younger generation. Becoming a nun greatly empowered her on her journey to fulfill the aspirations of being a companion to those who yearn for the path of mindfulness and love. For her, the monastic life is a journey filled with freshness, excitement, joy, and abundant freedom.

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Sister Tinh An

Sr. Tinh An was ordained as a novice in march 2021. She enjoys the simple life in the monastery, as she loves to dwell in silence and presence. She aims to live fully in the present moment and to touch the true nature of herself, so that she may develop enough wisdom to help others reduce their suffering and attain enlightenment. She often expresses the insights that she got so far by writing beautiful poems that touch the hearts of many people.

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Sister Tinh Ngoc

Sister Tinh Ngoc was ordained as a novice with Zen Master Phap Nhat in 2023 after studying and working in the finance and banking sector in Germany. The simple, tranquil yet profound and meaningful life at the monastery helps her to find true happiness and freedom. Choosing the monastic life, her only desire is to live in meditation, return to self-discovery, and recognize her true self so that she will develop enough wisdom and nurture the loving kindness in her heart in order to travel around the world and help others attain enlightenment and transcend suffering.

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